Daily Bulletin

Lakeside Lutheran High School Bulletin for Friday, September 22, 2017

Volunteer opportunity (NEW)
We are in need of volunteers to help with concessions for the Lutheran Elementary Volleyball Tournament on Saturday, September 30. If you are interested in volunteering, contact Mrs. Krauklis to sign up for a time.

Homecoming (NEW)
The building closes at 4pm today. Go to the parade. The building opens shortly after the parade. The building will close again at 6:45 and re-open after the game.

Athletic Announcement (NEW)
The boys West gym locker room needs to be cleared out by 5:00 today for our visiting football team.

Guidance (repeat)
Representatives from both Ripon College and Concordia University will be on campus next Monday, September 25. You can sign up for a visit in the Guidance office and don't forget to get a green sheet filled out in advance.

Homecoming Dance Guidlines (NEW)

This Saturday is the Homecoming Dance.

Check in for the dance will be at the east entrance - by the east gym. Do not check in at the main lobby entrance.

Doors open at 7:30. Doors locked and no late entries after 8:30. There are no carry ins, like bottles of soda.

9:30 is the earliest a student can leave from the dance. No returns allowed.

10:30 the dance ends. Your ride is already here, picking you up!

The Student Council has determined this to be a "semi formal" dance. Please note the guidelines posted everywhere regarding dress code so you are not turned away at the door.

While dancing, it is appropriate to keep your hands above the waist, but not to touch an individual in a sexual way (or to give the impression that you’re doing that). “Dirty dancing,” as it is sometimes called, front-to-back dancing, or “pelvic grinding” is not will cause a person to be removed from the dance floor.

God bless your Homecoming weekend - tonight and tomorrow.

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