Daily Bulletin

Illinois Lutheran High School and Jr. High Bulletin for Monday, October 15, 2018

Mr. Adickes' 7th Period Bible Class
Monday through Wednesday this week Bible class will move from Room 201 to Room 202.

7th Grade ACT Aspire Test Schedule

Grade LevelTestDayBlocksRoom
7ScienceMondayB, Chapel, (H)201
7MathMondayG, M201
7WritingTuesdayB, Chapel201
7ReadingWednesdayG, M201

8th ACT Grade Aspire Schedule

Grade LevelTestDayBlocksRoom
8ScienceMondayB, Chapel, (H)203
8MathMondayG, M203
8WritingTuesdayB, Chapel203
8ReadingWednesdayG, M203

9th Grade ACT Aspire Schedule
9A = Adickes to Kapost

Grade LevelTestDayBlocksRoom
9AMathMondayB, Chapel, (H)103
9AReadingMondayG, M109
9AScienceTuesdayB, Chapel106
9AWritingTuesdayC, H106

9B = Krisik - Zimmer
Grade LevelTestDayBlocksRoom
9BMathMondayB, Chapel, (H)102
9BReadingMondayG, M107
9BScienceTuesdayB, Chapel201
9BWritingTuesdayC, H201

10th Grade ACT Aspire Schedule

Grade LevelTestDayBlocksRoom
10MathMondayB, Chapel, (H)110
10ReadingMondayG, M110
10ScienceTuesdayB, Chapel110
10WritingTuesdayC, H110

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