Daily Bulletin

Illinois Lutheran High School and Jr. High Bulletin for Sunday, December 17, 2017

Hot Chocolate
Student council will be selling hot chocolate until the end of the semester. (not including exam days) The hot chocolate will cost $.50 per cup and not allowed in any classrooms. It will be sold from 7:45 until 8:10

The library will be opened on Monday, Dec. 18 and will re-open on Thursday, Jan. 4, 2018.

The following students have library books due Dec. 18: Patrick Fobart

The following students have overdue library books: Leiah Foley; Cece Dulaney; Anna Haemker; John Kapost

The following students have library fines to pay: Grace Atherton; Anna Haemker; John Kapost; Tyler Stegena

Please take care of your library issues On Monday, Dec. 18, 2017. Thank you

Graduation Pictures
Graduation Pictures packages have been handed out please make sure orders are turned in before January 5, if you would like retakes or you missed that day, retakes will be on January 11.

Semester Exams
Semester Exam

Time Wednesday Dec 20 Thursday Dec 21 Friday Dec 22
8:15-9:30 Block A Classes Block D Classes Block G Classes
9:45-11:00 Block B Classes Block F Classes Block E Classes
11:15-12:30 Block C Classes Block H Classes Make Up Period
Note the following:
  • All tests period are 1hour and 15 minutes long
  • There will be a 15 minute break between tests
  • All tests will be in your regular classrooms unless previously arranged
  • A student does not have to come in until he/she needs to take a test
  • A student may not leave and return to school during the exam days.
  • A student may leave after the testing period providing they have no other test that day.
  • Students who are present, but not taking the test, must report to Study Hall in the MPR where they may study, read or quietly listen to music on iPods
  • No test will be excused until the end of the period.
  • Tests missed during the schedule should be rescheduled for the makeup period.
  • Students who have an A (95%) in PowerSchool for the semester grade.
  • Students who have target attendance 1 or fewer absences and 1 or fewer tardy (NO exceptions) according to PowerSchool.

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